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Bosom buddy. Alter ego. Better half. This is how I regard Anj. She is a combination of these images. If I were Batman, she would be my Robin, Bruce Wayne, and Batgirl in one beautiful package. Although on a bad day, she could give Catwoman and Poison Ivy a run for their money. But I love her. She is the goddess in my own Gotham City. She is my lifeblood, the foundation of my being, the meaning of my existence. She is Anj. And these are the seven things I like about her:

1. Her Caring Persona.

Anj lives up to her name Angeli. She's indeed an angel. She watches over her family and friends. She generously gives and shares. She has a soft spot for people. She takes care of me too, lest I forget. And it's such a great feeling to be taken care by Anj.

2. Her Thoughtfulness

Anj always sends sweet messages via email and text, and even through phone and personal conversations. In this modern day and age, she still corresponds through snail mails and greeting cards. She is generous with her words. She always remembers to keep in touch.

3. Her Fiery Nature

Anj is passionate. She would never back out from a fierce situation, much less a heated discussion. She's a fighter. All-heart. Determined. That's why I love her. She matches my intensity. And she fights my battles. Especially when I'm too afraid or indifferent to slug it out with my adversaries.

4. Her Outgoing Spirit

She just has to be out there for some action. Lest she's tired and needs to catch up on her sleep. But on a good day, she'll bug me to try this new restaurant, to catch this latest movie/play, to drive to this exciting venue. She's had less success in the last item though. But I love her spirit. She's indefatigable. She's full of life.

5. Her Social Orientation

Love doesn't mean looking at each other; it means looking at the same direction together, or so someone says. In this regard, we are truly compatible. We love politics and public service. Though she doesn't read newspapers as often as I do, she understands the day's issues. And we share the dream of a just and humane society.

6. Her Family

I love them all -- Mama and her stories, Papa and his cactus collection, brothers and sisters, those cute nephews and nieces. I always look forward to seeing them whenever I visit Angeles. I have always considered myself a part of the family, even before Anj and I got engaged. I feel so at home with the Gragedas. I love them. Promise.

7. Her Hands

They're the prettiest pair I've seen. And it's not a subjective opinion. Ask the talent coordinators and the commercial directors who have hired Anj for their TV and print ads. Her hands speak a thousand words. They reflect Anj's persona. They reveal her strength and vulnerability. And yes, they're good for some thousand bucks per shoot.