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1. His Passion

Towards work, politics, showbiz trivia, basketball, relationships, and life in general. Arvin's fervor defines his unique persona. I admire his eagerness and zest for life. Sometimes I'm amazed where he gets all his energy. But I'm glad that he is most enthusiastic - his heart is always on fire -- when we are together.

2. His Optimistic Nature

Arvin has a positive outlook in life. No matter how difficult a situation seems to be, he turns it into a challenge. He looks at the brighter side of things and transcends the difficulties. Truly, he compliments me when I'm being cynical of certain circumstances.

3. His Cura Personalis (Personal Care)

Arvin knows how to take care of the people he loves - his family, my family, his friends, my friends. And of course, he takes care of me the best. He stretches his understanding and patience for me. Sometimes I demand too much, but I am always pleased when he tries to understand me more. Everything that I know about love, I learned from him - he who is my first and last boyfriend.

4. His Sense of Humor

Do I find his quips funny? Are his one-liner remarks clever? Are his jibes witty and amusing? Well, yes. Though he is corny most of the time. But the thing is, he makes me laugh. Even after 7 ½ years, he still does. Hopefully, even until we celebrate our golden anniversary.

5. His Being Responsible

I have always admired responsible men like my father. Arvin is not far from becoming like him. I have seen how he has taken good care of his Mama and sister Lally, especially after his Papa died. I am convinced that he would be a reliable husband to me and a dependable father to our children.

6. His Resolute Faith in God

Arvin may seem to be playful and naughty, but believe it or not, his faith in God is unwavering. Ateneo and the Jesuits have really formed him well in this aspect. And I'm happy to have found a spiritual person as a partner, with God at the center of our relationship.

7. His Fondness for Food

This is self-explanatory. He eats Lucky Me pancit canton, Purefoods hotdog, or Mc Donald's longganisa meal, with the same intensity as he partakes of the buffet lunch at Mandarin Hotel.