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The Boys of Lady Marmalade
By Michelle Milan

Yes you read it right. The boys! Four of our good looking and most popular men in QM dared to portray Cristina Aguilera (Jason Abella), Lil Kim (Arvin Crisol), Maya (Dino Carlos), and Pink (JP Cabero) of the music video Lady Marmalade. Talk about bringing the house down! Needless to say, these gentlemen gave a fiery performance that earned them a much-deserved 2nd place in the competition and made the QM Department proud. How did they do it? Read on and find out.

MM:  Whose idea was Lady Marmalade? How did it come up?

JA:  I think most of the QMs held a secret meeting regarding this and had US in mind to do the part.

JPC:  I came up with the idea (kaya nga dapat mas malaki yung share ko eh!! =P) naisip ko na sobrang RIOT yun. 'Di ko lang alam kung yun din yung naisip ni Buddy dahil favorite niya ang Moulin Rouge. Naisip ko kung babae (ang players) ok lang, pero kung guys MAGULO na yun!

DC:  Honestly I couldnít remember but I think Arvin came up with the idea.

AC:  It was JP's idea. Initially, I was toying with the concept of doing the video of the Sex Bomb Dancers' "Bakit Papa." Still, my original plan was an all-male dance number. I'm glad JP had a better idea (read: mas kalog, riot, at†may impact).

MM:  So, why did you agree to be one of the performers? Were you bribed?

JA:  Actually, I agreed because of the fame it brought me and the excuse to cross-dress..... hehehe

JPC:  Noong una naghahanap ako ng mga volunteers. Siyempre endangered species and mga lalaki sa QM, tapos lahat pa Mt. Olympus and pride kaya sobrang hirap. Hanggang sa napasubo na, nandyan na yung choreographer and off si Mike (siya dapat yung 4th member). Kahiyaan na and just for fun din sumali na ako.....Pero yung totoong reason gusto ko kasi talaga maging artista! PAGKAKATAON KO NA 'TO!

DC:  Well lets just say we were generously compensated J

AC:  At the start, I was happy to organize the presentation with JP and Mel. During the first practice though, one backed out and another didn't show up. So I had to fill in the slack. I was persuading Dino and Jason to do it all along so I had to come in and join when needed. Leadership by example, in a nutshell.

MM:  How did you feel about the idea of wearing drag and performing in front of about 2000 people?

JA:  Two words..... YEAH BABY!!!!!!

JPC:  AMMMMMMPPPPUUUUCCCCHHHHAA!!!!! I never knew that it was that fun!!!! Kaso kakaibang tagal ng preparation (kailangan mong mag-E, uminom, sapak-sapakin ang mukha mo †mga ganung klaseng preparation -- loko lang po!!!!)

DC:  Well I really had second thoughts... I mean it was ok if we were to present in front of QM only.

AC:  Wearing drag was a new thing for me. I was naturally apprehensive. I felt insecure. But performing in front of many people, I'm so used to that and I enjoy doing that. So whatever apprehension I had, it was overwhelmingly taken over by my desire to perform on-stage. I'm an "artista" by heart.

MM:  How did you prepare for this performance? Any comments on make-up, costume, and production people?

JA:  Didn't need make-up or costume.... I was a natural!† hehehe.... joke.

JPC:  Siyempre nag-practice kami (KUNO!). Nag UKAY-UKAY si Mel at Buddy for the costume and we really spent a lot of time with each other bonding bonding (bwahahahaha!!!!)...pero seryoso meron kaming effort pati ibang QMs, sa make up especially. Nagmukha talaga kaming mga tao with the make up. 2 days kami nagpa-practice and 2 hours kami mine-meykapan!!!

DC:  Well we practiced thrice or twice I think. Mel even bought a choreographer along during the 1st practice ...My hats off to Mel and to Papa Mike of course for my make up.

AC:  I bought my see-through blouse in Clark, and I had my skirt done by my mother! Talagang nagpatahi ako so I'd be comfortable. I watched the video a lot of times. I studied the character and dance steps of Lil Kim. I asked the help of my sister and niece for the dance steps. I listened to the CD countless times. In short, I really prepared for the performance. I was just glad that we had people like Mel and Michelle for our production needs. Of course we had Mike, Joy R., and the rest of the guys who contributed immensely too. But I'd like to thank the QMs who chipped in 50 bucks each so we could pay for the choreographer.

MM:  How was the last-few-minutes-before-the-performance like?

JA:  Ay tapos na?† I wasn't able to show them my most daring move!† Sayang! :-(

JPC:  Nagmu-mura lang naman ako sa backstage (P----------!$#@), hindi ko bigla alam kung ano yung pinasok ko. At alam ko habang buhay nang nakatatak sa noo ko yung gagawin for the night!!

DC:  Well I had 1 bottle before going up the stage ... we were actually talking in the dressing room and I could remember telling most of them that I felt really scared.

AC:  I was still practicing my steps. I was psyching myself up. I was pretty nervous but was way, way excited to get up the stage and be seen by many people.

MM:  How did you feel during the performance?

JA:  Ooooozing with....... SEXINESS!!!†Hehehe.

JPC:  Noong una kabado sobra, tapos narinig ko yung crowd kaya BIGAY TODO NA! Wala na din naman akong magagawa e. Hindi ko din naman nakikita yung mga tao dahil sa mga ilaw...kaya SEGE!!!!!

DC:  A little bit confused since the lights were too bright and I couldnít see the people

AC:  I didn't feel a thing. I was concentrating on our steps and on my own projection. I was terribly motivated though by the cheers from the crowd. Super inspiring.

MM:  Is this something you regret doing?

JA:  I felt that I held back with what I really wanted to do and that is to STRIP!† Hehehe... kidding aside, I think that I could do much better if given a second chance.

JPC:  Noong sa backstage akala ko OO, but noong nandun na HINDI na....sabi ko sa sarili ko "isa na akong ganap an ARTISTA!!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!"

DC:  None since we placed 2nd : )

AC:  Certainly not.

MM:  Given the chance to turn back time, would you still agree to be part of the "Lady Marmalade"?

JA:  We had limited props during that time so if we were to do it again, we want it to be more grand.† One thing else, we hope that the girls play the role of guy back up dancers.

JPC:  Definitely, ano repeat performance????

DC:  I have no idea ... basta ba 2nd place ulit or better : )

AC:  Yes.

MM:  How did you feel about yourself after seeing the video of your performance?

JA:  Kadiri but it was funny too!

JPC:  (P--------#$%@*!) YUN ANG HINDI KO MA-TAKE!!!!! Hindi ako makatingin sa video, kinikilabutan ako!!!!!

DC:  I laughed my heart out ...I didnít know it would turn out to be very funny.

AC:  I was satisfied with my and the group's performance and I felt that we deserved our victory.

MM:  (P--------#$%@*!) YUN ANG HINDI KO MA-TAKE!!!!! Hindi ako makatingin sa video, kinikilabutan ako!!!!!

DC:  I laughed my heart out ...I didnít know it would turn out to be very funny.

AC:  I was satisfied with my and the group's performance and I felt that we deserved our victory.

MM:  What was the general reaction of your friends/people after seeing you perform the Lady Marmalade?

JA:  Fortunately, they were all proud of us.... well they seem like they were!

JPC:  Nakita ko yung mga friends ko after the presentation (Santi, Ward and Jog), sabi nila "ANG LUPIT MO!!!" --- Si MAMA KAY sabi sakin: "Jeyps nakita ko nipples mo!!!"

DC:  Ang laki ko daw na bading!

AC:  My wife could not stop laughing, especially with JP's stockings uncharacteristically going down. Marge was pleasantly surprised. Mel was pleased. Since I valued their opinions and reactions, I was glad they liked what they saw.

MM:  Would you let your girlfriend/wife see the video?

JA:  Wife?† Girlfriend?† hehehe.... just kidding.† I guess it's okay for them to see the video.

JPC:  Sobrang gusto ko makita niya...para malaman niya na may tinatago akong GANDA!!! Hindi...para makita niya yung flipside ko di ba? Kaso iniwan niya ako bago ko mapakita eh. =(By the way I'm available na. (Whoohoo!!!)

DC:  Yup!

AC:  My wife has already seen it.

MM:  What's the best thing about the performance?

JA:  We won 2nd place! :-)

JPC:  The crowd, yun yung NO.1 factor bakit bumigay din ako e. They were so into it, wala pa nga kaming ginagawa! Kaya when we started dancing SEGE!!!!!!!

DC:  When I heard almost everyone cheering from the start till the end of the performance

AC:  The opportunity to make people laugh and enjoy, and chance to give pride to the QM Department.